Founded by Baron Davis, the mission of The Black Santa Company is to inspire the world by building diverse characters and telling contemporary stories that celebrate diversity, the joy of giving and the magic of good.

During the 2016 Holiday Season, our goal was to introduce consumers to The Black Santa Company, begin the process of building brand affinity and loyalty, and drive sales in the short term, as well as laying the foundation for the future.

In addition, our work needed to be deployed strategically in a way that would allow us to develop a stronger understanding of the target TBSC consumer, and help focus future campaigns and initiatives.


Key Elements

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Paid Media

  • Social Reinforcement




Prior to launch, we researched other brands and companies within the same sphere in order to define distinct consumer groups that we felt would best align with the brand. After identifying 3 initial cohorts, we divided the campaigns to target each group individually, in order to test their response to brand messaging, and provide guidance moving forward.


In order to help boost effectiveness and drive consumer action, we structured each campaign with multiple layers, allowing us to methodically introduce shoppers to the TBSC world, and break complex value concepts into bite-size pieces.

This led to a significant improvement in conversion, as we reduced the average Cost Per Click (CPC) by more than 47%.


We also created a win-back email series to overcome superficial obstacles to checkout (lack of time, wallet is in the other room, time for dinner) and increase the overall conversion rate.


In the final weeks of the campaign, we continued to optimize based on our rapidly expanding knowledge base - increasing frequency, segmenting products into additional subsets and focusing heavily on our key demographic segments with personalized sale offers.

This greatly increased our effectiveness, as we again reduced the average CPC by another 61%.