Finding great new music has become an increasingly overwhelming proposition. With the rise of streaming services and self-publishing there is more music available than ever before, but where do you even begin? created a global community of Tastemakers to help solve this problem by sharing their favorite new artists. Our goal was to help get the word out, and help position as the best option for finding great music.


Key Elements

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Paid Media

  • Event Promotion




Fanum had built an impressive collection of Tastemakers from across the country (and world), but needed help showcasing the value of these music influencers.

With licensing fees on mainstream music going through the roof, and stock sites lacking the “soul” that content producers desire, aimed to position themselves as the solution - a one-stop-shop for music licensing, backed by the expertise of their tastemakers.

As we searched for the best way to deliver this message, we did a deep dive on what exactly set Fanum apart from the existing licensing process, and it quickly became clear that it was the people themselves. Tastemakers had been ahead of the curve for countless major artists, from Marian Hill to The Chainsmokers to Cardi B.


By putting their Tastemakers front and center, could more effectively demonstrate the unique value that their platform brings to the table.

In addition, while much of the legwork associated with licensing a song had typically been accomplished via email, our hypothesis was that a streamlined experience that producers could try for themselves would increase interest and adoption. We worked with Fanum to create a fully functional demo that could be shared at scale, helping to increase the volume of potential new clients.


As any music lover will tell you, however, there's just something different about hearing music live. With this in mind, we also worked with the Fanum team to develop and promote the first Artist Showcase.

The sold-out event welcomed Tastemakers and fans to experience performances by two of the most popular artists on the platform inside Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.