Beyond Meat is changing the game by empowering people to eat more of what they love in a way that’s sustainable and still delicious. Our goal was to help raise awareness among skeptics and believers alike, and encourage them to try the Beyond Burger and experience The Future of Protein for themselves.


Key Elements

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Social Reinforcement




Already rapidly gaining popularity within the plant-based community, Beyond Meat wanted to continue the strategic expansion of their audience, encouraging everyone to try the Beyond Burger for themselves.

Our task was to develop a strategy that would connect with this entirely new segment of customers in an organic way, raising product awareness and increasing brand affinity.


We worked alongside their social media team to implement an OTV (On The Verge) influencer program, leveraging the ultra-engaged communities of these individuals to drive action.

In order to maintain consistency, we created a series of custom criteria to evaluate each potential partner, ensuring that their aesthetic, tone, and prior content aligned with Beyond Meat and reflected positively on the brand.


We also built a robust reporting system that quantified the contribution of each influencer and their fanbase to aid brand decisions about allocation of resources going forward, and support a more transparent ROI calculation.